Lac Seul Fishing Lodges

The pristine shorelines of Lac Seul showcase the Canadian Shield wilderness. Lac Seul, with its sand beaches and hundreds of islands, provides an abundance of outdoor activities. Lac Seul's main attraction is fishing.

Legendary Lac Seul Fishing Lodges

Nestled in the heart of Northwestern Ontario’s Sunset Country lies a fisherman’s paradise – the legendary Lac Seul. Located between Thunder Bay, Ontario and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Lac Seul is the second largest lake completely in Ontario. It’s crescent shape stretches nearly 250 kilometres long, and with a massive 1650 square kilometres of surface area, Lac Seul is as big as it is beautiful.

Lac Seul’s virtually untouched shorelines showcase the natural beauty of the Canadian Shield wilderness. With sand beaches and hundreds of islands dotting the lake, Lac Seul provides endless opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. While canoeing, kayaking and camping are all popular activities, the number one draw to Lac Seul is fishing.

Welcome to the “Walleye Capital of the World” – the famous and majestic Lac Seul, located in scenic Ontario, Canada. Stretching more than 150 kilometres in length and occupying more than 1500 square kilometres, Lac Seul is a water wonderland ready to welcome the adventure seeker, the naturalist and especially the fisherperson in all of us.

Lac Seul Fishing Lodges

Lac Seul (French for “Lake of Alone”) is a huge body of water, the second largest lake wholly situated in Ontario that has the distinction of being an outstanding fishery for a multitude of species. The lake itself has four distinct and major sections, and is primarily fed by three massive rivers – namely the English from the south, Vermilion from the east and the Root from the north.

All in all it spells an impressive amount of water for an abundance of exciting activities. How about wrestling with northern pike that tip the scales at 32 pounds? Perhaps heavyweight walleye or record-size musky are more your style? Whatever your preferred target is, this unequalled fishery continues to cough up record numbers and sizes year after year.

Outdoor activities are unlimited in this neck of the woods, with canoeing, swimming, sailing and hiking available throughout the entire system. Take the family out on a Lac Seul Fishing Lodge houseboat, take the dog on a wilderness hike or read a book while the water gently laps at your feet – the choices are only limited by ones imagination.

Don’t think that summer is the only time to visit Lac Seul – winter provide the ideal setting to partake in snowmobiling, snow shoeing and of course, ice fishing. Although the weather may seem cold at times, the action and excitement will certainly warm you up quickly.

Lac Seul Fishing Lodges and Outfitters are numerous throughout the entire region and are more than willing to make your vacation an unforgettable one. Take in a shore lunch with a guide or rent a reliable boat from your host to whisk you away to a secret honey hole. Lac Seul has everything to offer for those looking for a natural experience – isn’t it time you took a trip up north?