Lac Seul Trophy Fishing Lodges

Lac Seul's main attraction is fishing.

Its all about the fishing!

Lac Seul’s tea stained waters support healthy populations of Ontario’s favourite game fish, including walleye, pike, bass, muskie, perch and whitefish.

Walleye are the biggest draw for anglers to Lac Seul with unbeatable numbers and trophy fish potential. Catches of 100-plus walleye per day are common on Lac Seul and the chance for a trophy exists with every hook-set.

Lac Seul Fishing

Walleye are found throughout the lake with good fishing in spring, summer and fall. A surefire way to locate walleye is by following the wind. Fishing the windward side of structure like deep weed edges, prominent points, humps, reefs, islands and other drop-offs is the fastest way to find active fish.

Sand structure in the 20- to 30-foot range holds walleye during the summer on Lac Seul. Look for high sand cliffs on shore, then use your electronics to find where the sandy bottom drops off. Walleye cruise sand drop-offs in search of baitfish.

Backtrolling or using an electric trolling motor in conjunction with a quality sonar and GPS combo will allow you to eliminate unproductive water and stay on schools of fish once you find them.

Locating walleye can be the easy part and oftentimes the simplest presentation is the best one for catching them. For this reason, jig fishing is as popular as it is effective for catching walleye on Lac Seul. A vertical presentation with 1/4 to 3/8 ounce jigs allows you to keep your bait near bottom and in the strike zone. Top jig colors include orange, chartreuse, white, pink and glow. Tipping jigs with live minnows is the best bet for guaranteed action, although artificial soft-plastics also work well.

Shore lunch is a speciality of Lac Seul guides and should not be missed. Fresh golden-fried walleye with potatoes and beans served on the shores of the lake is a meal that’s never forgotten.